A cappuccino, originating in Italy, is a classic espresso-based beverage made with freshly brewed espresso and topped with creamy steamed milk foam. A perfect pick-me-up for any time of day!

For many people, the cappuccino is the king of the classic café drink. They make a fine coffee to drink with a fine combination of the richness and creamy taste created by the milk, and the strength of the coffee shines through. The sheer variety in the taste of this kind of coffee drink is very impressive, and it can go some way to making sure you enjoy a vibrant and enjoyable drink.

When Should You Drink A Cappuccino

For a cappuccino, often the best time to have a good cappuccino is in the morning. We recommend using it to start the day. It’s a powerful shot of espresso mixed with frothed milk, offering that rich and lasting coffee kick without being too excessive. The milk can help remove the harshness and bitterness of the taste while you can enjoy each sip.
Some find a regular coffee or espresso too strong for the morning. A cappuccino helps to solve this problem once and for all. It’s a much more natural, balanced taste that works well early in the day. A good reason for having it in the morning, though, stems from the fact that it allows the lactose content inside the cappuccino to give you an energy kick for the largest portion of the day.
Since it’s pretty filling, one of the worst things you can do is drink a cappuccino before you enjoy a meal!

What Is In A Traditional Cappuccino

A traditional cappuccino contains espresso and steamed milk and is topped with foam. It’s the perfect combination of strength, flavour and creaminess in one cup. The ratios for each ingredient will change slightly depending on how you make your cappuccino, but generally, a good proportion is a two-thirds espresso and one-third steamed milk. The foam on top is a traditional finishing touch.

The specific ingredients used in cappuccino depend on taste preferences, but there are particular standards that many people follow when making this delicious beverage. Generally, you will opt for whole milk instead of skimmed, semi-skimmed or any alternative type of milk. Espresso beans are typically roasted to a dark mahogany colour and ground finely for the best possible flavour. Additionally, if you’d like an extra special touch, some cappuccinos can be topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon, adding another layer of flavour.

Cappuccino Recipe

So, for most people, a good cappuccino recipe is a straightforward one to make. All that you need to make a classic cappuccino recipe is:

  • 1250ml of milk, around the 3-5C mark in terms of temperature. 
  • Try and go for milk that’s around 3.2% protein if you can, and if possible, around 3.5% fat. That’s a fine blend and is the kind of milk a classic Italian-style cappuccino would often contain.
  • Also, it would help if you got 25ml shots of hot espresso coffee. 

That’s it. Many people think you need to get all the extra stuff, like chocolate powder, to go on top can be added if you like. You could also add syrup-based flavouring like vanilla, nutmeg, hazelnut etc.

We recommend that you forego any of this for a classic cappuccino taste. Instead, we recommend trying it out with just the heated milk and the espresso. It’s an acceptable way to see just what the cappuccino brings to the table; the richness of the taste, the depth and quality of the flavour and everything else that makes a cappuccino cup as enjoyable as it can be.

So there you have it; a classic Italian-style cappuccino requires just 25ml shots of hot espresso coffee and heated milk. Add anything else per your taste, but the most authentic way to enjoy one is without extras. Enjoy!

Cappuccino Calories?

A classic cappuccino contains one shot of espresso coffee and around 250ml of heated milk. This can give you around 90kj per cup or 80kcal, depending on the type and quality of the milk used. Of course, you should also consider any other ingredients added; if you opt for flavoured syrups, your calorie count could be a lot higher. In general, though, cappuccinos are an incredibly low-calorie beverage option compared to other popular coffee drinks such as lattes and frappuccinos. So if you’re looking for something delicious without the guilt, then why give one a try? You won’t regret it!


Cappuccinos are a great way to enjoy coffee in the morning and have many flavourful options. They usually contain espresso coffee, steamed milk and foam; however, depending on preference, you can add cocoa powder or cinnamon as a topping. The traditional recipe calls for 1250ml of milk and 25ml of espresso coffee for a classic Italian-style cappuccino. In terms of calories, it usually contains around 90kj or 80kcal, though this may differ depending on the type of milk used or extra ingredients added. So if you’re looking for something delicious without the guilt, why not try a cappuccino.

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