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Hot Coffee Today is a UK-based coffee review store that looks to find out about coffee, so you don’t have to!

As one of the most commonly enjoyed drinks on the planet, you’d think we’d all know about coffee. However, coffee is a powerful solution, and the sheer variety in styles, tastes, and techniques makes getting coffee a little more challenging than you might have expected. This is where Hot Coffee Today comes in; we deliver all the help, information, advice and product reviews you need.

So if you are looking to find everything from gourmet coffee makers, from the top brands impartially reviewed, or you want to find out what coffee blend might suit you best, we can help you do just that!

At Hot Coffee Today, we spend a lot of time talking about coffee. We love it. As passionate coffee drinkers, we know of the immense value that exists within your cup. For this reason, we want to help you stay informed about what makes a cup of coffee feel extra special.


I couldn’t be happier, formed in 2017, Hot Coffee Today is a premier review website for coffee lovers, aficionados and beginners. That cares about quality and authenticity.

Paul Mason. Owner.

Coffee Machine Maintenance

Coffee Equipment

For anyone who owns a coffee machine, it might dawn on you just how hard maintenance can be. Cleaning a coffee machine is something that many people put off making a decision on. Many times, they’ll do what they can to simply avoid cleaning the machine. Do this for long enough, though, and you will …

Coffee Machine Maintenance Read More »

Common Differences Between Coffee Roasts

Coffee Beans, Favorites

With over 800 potential flavours and scents, it pays to research the Common Differences Between Coffee Roasts.  While the caffeine content reduces, the longer the bean is roasted, the overall strength increases. The longer the coffee bean roasts, the darker they become, with light roast coffee being a light brown colouring, to dark roast coffee …

Common Differences Between Coffee Roasts Read More »

The Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands to Try


Like buying any other product, buying coffee is hard just due to the sheer variety of options. When you see how many brands of coffee exist, it’s extremely hard to find a brand without plenty of trial and error. For those who like dark roasted coffee, we recommend that you take a look at some …

The Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands to Try Read More »

What Are the 3 Types of Espresso Machines

Coffee Equipment

Espresso machines are a staple in any coffee shop that wants to serve espresso drinks. Espresso is a concentrated coffee drink with a strong flavour and can be served either as an espresso or as a cappuccino. The espresso machine is the key to making this drink. Different types of espresso machines can be used …

What Are the 3 Types of Espresso Machines Read More »

The Unique Origins of Coffee

Coffee Origins

As many people will be aware, coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed on the planet. Regularly seen as among the most powerful beverages around, coffee has established itself as one of the most important beverages but also one of the most commonly traded items on the planet. For that reason, coffee easily …

The Unique Origins of Coffee Read More »

How many shots of espresso is in a latte


The number of espresso shots in a latte can vary depending on the size and variety of latte you order. Generally, a small 8-ounce latte requires one shot of espresso, while larger sizes may require two shots. The number of shots will also depend on the strength or type of coffee bean used by the …

How many shots of espresso is in a latte Read More »

How Do You Use A Coffee Maker

Coffee Equipment

For anyone who wants to make a good cup of coffee, it pays to invest some time and effort into learning how it’s done. Making a cup of coffee using a coffee maker, for example, is a bit more challenging than some expect. You watch someone in a café do it for you, and it …

How Do You Use A Coffee Maker Read More »

Flat White


Enjoy the perfect combination of coffee and milk with a flat white. This delectable drink features espresso artfully combined with microfoam-steamed milk and tiny delicate bubbles for a unique velvety texture. With less foam than its latte counterpart and a higher proportion of coffee to creaminess, this beverage allows the full-bodied flavour from your espresso …

Flat White Read More »

Ways to sweeten coffee without sugar


For anyone looking to learn how to make their coffee a little more flavorsome, it helps to know how to add that extra flavor to the bean. Everyone knows how hard it is to get their quality of coffee just right, and at Hot Coffee we’ve been there many a time. Having spent a lot …

Ways to sweeten coffee without sugar Read More »

How long do you froth milk

Coffee Equipment

When making a nice cup of coffee, it’s customary for us to use a machine with a milk frother on it. Anyone who enjoys a cup of coffee will be fully aware of the uniquely divine pleasures of frothed milk and thus should be able to enjoy drinking a coffee made in this manner without …

How long do you froth milk Read More »

How do you use a coffee grinder

Coffee Equipment, Favorites

With a coffee grinder, there is always a bit of a knack to each one. Most of the time, you want to make sure that you have something with sharp blades. A bladed coffee grinder often produces the best results, and can be the ideal choice for those buying a grinder for the first time. …

How do you use a coffee grinder Read More »

Are roasted coffee beans safe to eat

Coffee Beans

For many people, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning is an essential part of their routine and ritual. Getting up in the morning can be tough work, but knowing you have that lovely coffee taste waiting for you is something that can make getting out of bed that little bit easier than it …

Are roasted coffee beans safe to eat Read More »

Light roast vs Dark roast

Coffee Beans

Light and dark roasts of coffee beans exhibit a fascinating contrast in terms of taste, aroma and intensity. The difference is due to the unique roasting process, which affects each type differently; light roasts display abundant delicate flavours, while darker ones tend to have simpler yet intense notes, with some finding it slightly bitter on …

Light roast vs Dark roast Read More »

Coffee Roasting Temperature Control

Coffee Equipment

When it comes to roasting coffee beans, one of the most important yet underrated issues that you can face is dealing with temperature control during the roasting phase. The roasting process can be quite specific, and this can make it very hard – sometimes too hard – to get the job done. The skill that …

Coffee Roasting Temperature Control Read More »

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