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Hot Coffee is a UK-based coffee review store that looks to find out about coffee so you don’t have to!

As one of the most commonly enjoyed drinks on the planet, you’d think we’d all know about coffee. However, coffee is a very powerful solution and the sheer variety in styles, tastes and techniques makes “getting” coffee a little more challenging than you might have expected. This is where Hot Coffee comes in; we deliver you all the help, information, advice and product reviews that you need.

So if you are looking to find everything from gourmet coffee makers from the top brands impartially reviewed, or you want to find out what coffee blend might suit you best, we can help you do just that!

At Hot Coffee, we spend a lot of time talking about coffee. We love it. As passionate coffee drinkers ourselves, we know of the immense value that exists within cup that you drink. For this reason, we want to help you stay educated and informed as to what makes a cup of coffee feel extra special.

I couldn’t be happier, formed in 2017, Hot Coffee is a premier review website for coffee lovers, aficionados and beginners. That cares about quality and authenticity.

Paul Mason. Owner.

Espresso is an Italian invention and it comes from the word ‘express’ which means fast. When it was first invented, espresso was used as an alternative to the long-established Turkish coffee because it could be made very quickly in comparison to the Turkish version. Espresso became popular in the last few decades. It is believed …

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For anyone who owns a coffee machine, it might dawn on you just how hard maintenance can be. Cleaning a coffee machine is something that many people put off making a decision on. Many times, they’ll do what they can to simply avoid cleaning the machine. Do this for long enough, though, and you will …

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When it comes to drinking coffee, opinions differ greatly. While some people may prefer a black, rough-flavoured, caffeine-heavy coffee, others may opt for a more fruity, lighter coffee. However, all coffee drinkers agree on one thing: Their coffee needs to be fresh. The beans need to be recently roasted and ground for your coffee to …

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For anyone looking to learn how to make their coffee a little more flavorsome, it helps to know how to add that extra flavor to the bean. Everyone knows how hard it is to get their quality of coffee just right, and at Hot Coffee we’ve been there many a time. Having spent a lot …

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While we are major advocates of any kind of different coffee drink, we know that the benefits of drinking black coffee are supreme. It’s the best way to enjoy your coffee if you are looking for the pure health benefits, and allows a hugely enjoyable drink to be devoured with gusto. So, if you have …

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When it comes to roasting coffee beans, one of the most important yet underrated issues that you can face is dealing with temperature control during the roasting phase. The roasting process can be quite specific, and this can make it very hard – sometimes too hard – to get the job done. The skill that …

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When making a nice cup of coffee, it’s customary for us to use a machine with a milk frother on it. Anyone who enjoys a cup of coffee will be fully aware of the uniquely divine pleasures of frothed milk and thus should be able to enjoy drinking a coffee made in this manner without …

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When buying a cup of coffee today, one of the most popular options today is an espresso. It’s a very fast and easy way to get a coffee, giving you an easy way to engage with a high-powered kind of coffee. For those who want a quick jolt and to get back to work in …

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As many people will be aware, coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed on the planet. Regularly seen as among the most powerful beverages around, coffee has established itself as one of the most important beverages but also one of the most commonly traded items on the planet. For that reason, coffee easily …

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Just as you want to know what your food does to your body when you eat it, knowledge of what coffee does to the brain matters. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the effects of caffeine on the brain.  You probably want to know, then, why you should be wary of drinking …

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When entering the unique world of coffee, one of the most quizzical parts of the whole experience is the sheer variety of tastes. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, and find yourself struggling a touch to find the right blend of taste to match the flavour that you are searching for. When …

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When people hear the concept of the coffee bean, they often don’t appreciate how the bean comes to be. For example, many people presume that it’s grown in a very different way to how it is grown in the first place. For example, some people it might be like a pea in a pod, grown …

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For one, grinding up your own coffee beans does mean it will be fresher. There’s no real way to deny that, either; ground-up coffee beans taste fresher when you do it yourself. This is because coffee beans tend to start losing some of that juicy flavor quite quickly after being ground. If you buy a …

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For many people, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning is an essential part of their routine and ritual. Getting up in the morning can be tough work, but knowing you have that lovely coffee taste waiting for you is something that can make getting out of bed that little bit easier than it …

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