Dark Roast Coffee Health Benefits

For any coffee drinker, one of the most common problems that you are likely to run into when drinking coffee is finding what suits you most. Everyone has their own preferred style and blend of coffee, which can be hard to find and keep too. You often want to experiment, but don’t really know where to start. If you like a more simplistic taste, then you may stick to something lighter in terms of roast strength.

However, if you are looking for something a bit more specific in taste, going for a dark roast coffee making sense. However, like any other kind of coffee, dark roast coffee comes with some very interesting discussion points over health.

You see, according to previous studies, dark roast coffee might actually be the strongest kind of coffee to take for health benefits. Long-associated with being a healthy drink, coffee is a regular source of intake for key nutrients like Riboflavin, Potassium, Pantothenic Acid and more. As you can see, that’s quite a good thing!

However, studies in the past have also found that dark roast coffee might be even better for us than lighter roasts. According to experts, this is in part because dark roast coffee produced more chemicals known as N-methylpyridinium. That’s quite an interesting observation, as dark roast coffee is shown to be better for minimising the production of acid in excessive levels. This can help to remove that stomach acid attacks that you might wish to avoid. 

Also, with dark roast coffee carrying less caffeine in it than normal light roast coffee as it’s burnt off during the roasting process, it’s also going to have less of an impact on those who perhaps need to manage their caffeine intake. Is dark roast coffee really healthy, though? 

What Makes Dark Roast Coffee So Healthy?

One of the main reasons why this coffee has become such a common discussion in medical circles is, in part, due to the fact that it has such a wide variety of perks. The problem is that, like any other kind of product consumed en masse, other experts say totally different things. For example, the Journal of Medicinal Food claims that light roast coffee is actually better for us. this is because dark coffee, alongside burning away some of that caffeine, also burns off some of the good stuff.

Yet it also produces more of the chemical mentioned above – so does that no balance out the quality of the benefits that you feel?

The report above finds that antioxidant counts and other positive anti-inflammatory solutions vanish alongside the caffeine count. The darker the roast, then, the more likely it is that some of the stuff that we would prefer to keep will go along with it. There is also another vital part of the coffee bean that is mostly lost when dark roasting takes place: chlorogenic acid.

This powerful solution is found in abundance in coffee beans, but is found in far less specific quantities with dark roast coffee beans. It’s a natural solution for reducing blood sugar and is also a very powerful solution for combatting obesity. It’s found in other foods such as apples and carrots, but a lot of people get their chlorogenic acid – unknowingly – from coffee. 

This obviously makes it hard for us to make more practical choices based on what kind of coffee to drink. If you are 100% chasing only the health benefits and the nutritional value of coffee, not the quality of the taste or the type of drink, then go light roast

So Should I Avoid Dark Coffee?

Only unless you only drink coffee for the benefits listed above. Even then, you still do get good levels of the above – just not as much as you would get with a light roast. That being said, there’s also a lot of positive information out there regarding the more general health benefits of drinking coffee – including dark coffee.

For one, it’s suggested that you are less likely to die by drinking coffee. Just three cups per day could be enough to help reduce your mortality rate as much as 12%! This gives you ample opportunity to mess around with blonde, light, medium, medium-dark and dark blends as you see fit. It allows you to try and find the right kind of coffee for you whilst still benefiting from some different health benefits.

Coffee of all kind is also known to have a positive impact on the heart in general. Coffee consumption is often associated with the reduction of heart failure, which is also a nice little healthy benefit for those who want to try and lead a higher quality of life. You should likely find, then, that coffee – regardless of the roast – is able to offer a host of useful qualities that can make all the difference in the world to your general quality of life.

You will also find that you can enjoy a much more engaging and satisfying experience in work due to the increased alertness brought on by coffee. While dark roast coffee is obvious lesser in caffeine than lighter roast, you still get that mental buzz and alertness. Therefore, those who are looking to denounce dark roast coffee might need to accept that, while light roast is healthier in many ways, it does not mean that dark roast coffee is unhealthy!

Other Dark Roast Coffee Health Benefits

One of the main benefits of drinking dark roast coffee over the lighter strains is that, for one, it’s less tough on the stomach. If you drink a lighter blend and tend to feel a little acidic in the stomach area, then you can point the finger squarely at the lighter range of coffee. They tend to be more acidic in nature, which has the negative by-product of creating stomach upsets.

While the development of roasting to heavier levels will see your coffee less ‘healthy’ in some ways, it’s going to be easier to drink!

You will also find that dark roast coffee is often associated with weight loss more often. Part of this, though, is that those who drink dark roast coffee are more likely to drink it without extras. If you can just drink black coffee without any milk, sugar or style to it then you can find that it has a better chance of kicking your metabolism into gear. 

This has the long-term effect of vastly changing the way that your coffee works for you, and means that you can begin to notice a difference in weight gain/loss if you were to simply drink straight dark roast coffees.

Add in the fact that it has less caffeine during the roasting process, too, and you can enjoy that reduction in caffeine crashes afterward. Whatever kind of coffee roast that you wish to enjoy, though, you may find that coffee is healthy after all!

For many years, it’s been demonised as an unhealthy substance to take. Like anything, if you use it in moderation you should be much more likely to get a positive and lasting benefit moving forward. So, next time you drink a cup of coffee — especially a straight, black cup of coffee – then stop thinking of it as a treat, and instead as a benefit to your long-term health! 

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