Flat White

For any coffee lover who is just getting into the world of the brown stuff, it can all feel very complicated. One of the reasons people tend to drink coffee is the simplicity – today, though, that is no longer the case. While coffee drinkers used to laugh at tea drinkers for their excessive selections, …

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Cafe Latte

When it comes to drinking and enjoying a cup of coffee, people can often find it hard to keep up with the sheer variety of options on the market. With everything so varied, it can be hard to know if you are even going to like a specific kind of coffee!  For many people, the …

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For many people, the cappuccino is the king of the classic café drink. With a fine combination of the richness and creamy taste made by the milk and the strength of the coffee shining through, they make a fine coffee to drink. The sheer variety in the taste of this kind of coffee drink is …

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