Finding The Best Light Coffee Brands

When entering the unique world of coffee, one of the most quizzical parts of the whole experience is the sheer variety of tastes. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, and find yourself struggling a touch to find the right blend of taste to match the flavour that you are searching for. When that happens to be the case, might we recommend that you take a closer look at light coffee brands?

The reason that many people recommend a lighter coffee bean is that it can be a touch more pleasant. Dark roast coffee is usually a bit of an acquired taste, and is rarely the starting point for someone trying coffee for the first time. Whether are you entirely new to the wonderment of coffee or you simply don’t like dark roast coffee, then finding a brand that you can enjoy is very important.

To do that will take a bit of time and no small amount of planning. To do so, might we recommend that you take a some of the following light coffee brands?

With so many to pick from on the market, these should make at least beginning your selection process a touch simpler.

Don Thomas Coffee

One of the best starting points for a nice, high quality brand of light coffee would be Don Thomas. This style of coffee is very much one for the light coffee enthusiasts, and is surely going to be high up on your list of coffees to consider. It’s a good morning coffee, as it’s not usually too tough on the old taste buds and it’s quite fruity.

It’s got a bit of a citrus ick to it, too, which can be nice in the morning. That helps to make it something that will perk you up in the morning; not exactly lemon-like in the way it’ll make your mouth tingle, but still enjoyable. With the fact that it comes from Nicaragua, around 4,500ft up from sea level, it’ a very enjoyable form of coffee that is grown with some pretty exponential levels of care.

There’s little way to enjoy a cup of coffee if it’s simply not got the right care and treatment put behind its development. With this, you can really taste the effort that goes into the cultivation and creation of the coffee itself. Also, one of the reasons why Don Thomas makes a fine coffee to drink outside of the fact that it’s so nice is the social cause. For those who like to use their mornings thinking of social revolution, you’ll be happy to know that parts of your profits go towards medical facilities, education and housing programs. Awesome, right? Coffee with a conscience!

Starbucks Veranda

A rather enjoyable little coffee blend for those who want to enjoy something that’s very much agreeable to most light roast lovers is Starbuck’ Veranda brand. This is what they call a ‘blonde’ coffee, and is very much among the lightest brands out there. It’s the kind of coffee for the morning that just gets the job done, allowing you to enjoy a fantastically satisfying taste delivered by some very enjoyable 100% Arabica coffee.

A wonderfully mellow and satisfying drink, few people would find it hard to knock back a cup of Veranda. Basically, if you find this to be too strong, then you might struggle to find a blend of coffee that you would find to be weak! It’s a blonde coffee blend, meaning that it’s very close to be spot on in terms of the lightness of the roasting that you might be looking for.

It’s the kind of enjoyable coffee that you can really make the most of, and it should be something that delivers a polite and satisfying experience. If you want to try and get someone in your life into coffee but they are finding it tough to get a blend that’s not harsh, start here.

Such coffee makes a fine starting point as well as an easy choice of coffee for anyone really looking to help a loved one find that ideal coffee taste. It’s the kind of rich blend that, over time, would become a favourite of anyone who enjoys a mild blend. Definitely worth your time investigating.

Real Good Coffee

Those who like their coffee to come with an enjoyable taste and an enjoyable flavour will find a friend in Real Good Coffee made in Seattle. It’s a 100% Arabica coffee that more than lives up to the quality of the name, and certainly can’t be accused of false advertising. This is properly good coffee, complete with a rich taste that’s intoxicating to smell as well as to taste.

It’s a coffee brand that we would be happy to recommend to anyone who is just starting out on the coffee ladder. However, don’t think this is due to a lack of creativity in the taste. Few blends of coffee are quite as enjoyable to drink as RGC; it’s got quality in abundance, and it also carries that enjoyable citrus taste. Again it’s the kind of coffee that we would be more than happy to recommend if you are looking for something a touch different.

Citrus-inspired and flavoured coffee is often a good way to open up any morning. It awakens the senses and leaves you with a little tingle on the tongue that can keep you feeling alert and ready for the challenges of the day ahead. Seen as this particular coffee is known for being a good morning coffee, we’d recommend that you try it out first thing in the morning and see how productive the rest of your day can become.

Kicking Horse Coffee

When it comes to finding an impressive cup of coffee, Kicking Horse is a good starting point. Don’t let the all-black packaging or the all-action name full you; this is the kind of high quality coffee that you’ll get to love. It’s a kind of coffee that often comes with a bit of a sugary taste; fine for those mornings when you want something sweet that isn’t cereal. Part of what makes it such a fine blend of coffee is the fact that it brings that rich taste of Hawaii right to your kitchen.

It’s got that fantastically charming taste, and it’s got that kind of flavour – nougaty, almost sugary – that allows you to enjoy swirling it around in the mouth for a bit. You’ll likely find that this coffee needs nothing added to it; the taste is more than good enough to start off with. The fact that it hails from South and Central America lets you know that it comes from good stock, given that part of the world’ reputation for top quality coffee.

Now that you know where to begin your search for some top quality coffee, where will you first cast your glance?

With so many brands to try out and to look at, it can be tough to decide. Each of the above recommended light coffee brands, though, should at least play a part in your thoughts as time goes on. Added to the fact that each one offers a rich alternative to the norm, you should find it nice and easy to drink the above blends and get a comfortable way to start the day. 

What one will you try first? 

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