The Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands to Try

Like buying any other product, buying coffee is hard just due to the sheer variety of options. When you see how many brands of coffee exist, it’s extremely hard to find a brand without plenty of trial and error. For those who like dark roasted coffee, we recommend that you take a look at some of these recommended brands.

Among these are some of the best dark roast coffee brands on the market at present. With so many different brands to try, you might not be sure what to look for. Remember, dark roasted coffee is usually a pretty strong taste, normally with a bit of bitterness & even a somewhat charcoal taste at times. If you would like to find dark roast coffee that lives up to your expectations, then we recommend that you take a look at some of these popular choices.

You are always free to explore, and it’s recommend that you do as well. However, if you are still trying to find your feet in the world of dark roast coffee, this may be a useful solution to the problem at hand. So, what would make a good starting point for a dark roast coffee purchase?

Death Wish Coffee

As the name suggests, Death Wish coffee is among the strongest out there. It’s the kind of coffee that would certainly take a bit of a specialist palate to enjoy; at least at first. If you like your coffee and want to get into buying a really powerful and enjoyable brand, then Death Wish Coffee is well worth your time.

Some find it a touch too much, but others really like the richness of Death Wish coffee. If you want to enjoy a coffee that is fantastic in terms of strength but also in flavour, be sure to look into some of their dark roast ranges. Most of the time, their coffees come with a very rich taste that’s quite creamy in some aspects; though it obviously depends on the particular blend that you try out.

Most of the time, it’s found that Death Wish coffee makes a good way to start the day. It’s got that kind of strength that really should get you buzzing for the morning and afternoon ahead. One of the best things about Death Wish, though, is that it’s a pretty ethical brand. It’s fully USDA Organic and Fair Trade coffee farm-made, meaning that you can feel good about both the creation and the result.

If you want to find a dark roast coffee that lives up to your expectations, then start here. Hey, why not start with many people recommend as the strongest?

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

This is not a brand that everyone will have heard of, but you have likely heard of the full brand itself – Don Pablo. This is one of the best dark roast coffee brands around, coming with a very strong and refined kind of taste. It’s quite chocolate-y, so you can enjoy it from that aspect without much issue. The cocoa test is the most powerful taste, most find, though you do find some hints of caramel in there for the added zest.

It’s one of the best 100% Arabica brands around, and it should be up there on your list of coffees to try. It’s CCOF certified, and comes from Honduras. If you find that all of your coffee seems to come from the one place, then why not try out something a touch different instead?

You should have no problems making the most of some Subtle Earth organic coffee. While it’s quite an expensive brand, you will find that coffee is hard to find at such a consistently enjoyable level. Since many dark roast coffees can be quite tart and bitter, it’s nice to find one that is quite sweet despite being so incredibly enjoyable.

For more help in finding a good quality of coffee that is wonderfully fresh and organic, start here. Subtle Earth is one of the many parts of the extensive Don Pablo brand, and you should have little to no problem enjoying a very satisfying kind of dark roast coffee bean.

Wild Jo Coffee

While some might raise issue and say that this is more of a medium blend range of coffee, Wild Joe coffee is a must-try. And, if we were being fair, it’s certainly a lot darker than it is light in terms of the taste!

That said, anyway, you must try and get your hands on this premium coffee brand. It’s one of the most enjoyable brands around at the moment, not least because it’s also Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic. If you want to get a coffee that is very much different, then Wild Joe is probably about as good as you likely to get.

A strong and satisfying kind of coffee, this is one of those blends that should touch the back of the throat and really make a big impact when you take a drink. It’s strong part of the American coffee market and is becoming more and more popular internationally. It’s a very good coffee to try out if you want to find something a bit different, and it’s also another top quality dark roast coffee that avoids the cardinal sin of being too tough on the old throat. 

Many dark coffees are too bitter, but this helps to make sure that the taste is a bit more enjoyable. If you are looking for an easy way to enjoy a coffee that’s rich in flavour and also free from artificial flavours and additives, be sure to take a look at the hugely enjoyable Wild Jo. 

Starbucks Sumatra Coffee

Starbucks is one of the most all-encompassing coffee brands, which means knowing which one to try out would be hard. For a dark roast coffee fan, we can only recommend that you take a look at Starbucks Sumatra. It’s a very satisfying brand of dark roast coffee, and is likely to be among your favourites in store.

It’s got a very earthen taste, which makes it a fine choice for those who want to avoid any hint of sweetness. If you like your dark roast coffee to be dark in texture and in taste, then Starbucks Sumatra does that quite well. It’s a good choice due to the richness of the taste, making use of a combination of different aromas and flavours to help leave your mouth with an interesting puzzle working it all out.

Not only that, but it’s more or less acidity-free, so those who like their coffee this way should find a kindred spirit in Sumatra. 

Any of the above coffee brands are more than worth your time. While it might take some experimentation with them and some planning to help work out your ideal taste, the above all make excellent starting points. It can be hard to find a dark roast coffee that is not too bitter, after all. This, though, does a spectacular job of helping you to get around that problem once and for all.

Done right, you can be left with a much more harmonious experience when shopping around!

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