What is the best way to store coffee

When it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee, it’s’ important that you know how to best go about looking after the main ingredient. Of course, for all the extras we add into our coffees, the main ingredient always is and always will be coffee. If you don’t care for your coffee, though, you can get a nasty surprise when you go to take a drink from the cup. In a bid to help you avoid such issues, we recommend that you take a look at our ideas for how to store coffee in the first place.

Looked after in the right manner, you can find that your coffee is going to become much better and easier to enjoy. So, how do you go about storing coffee in the first place? Most of the time, read the label. The label for the coffee that you use should tell you exactly how you should be storing that cup of coffee.

Most of the time, you are to store it in a cool, dry place. Most forms of coffee are kept in sealed containers, too. If you were to leave your coffee out for too long, then it would run the risk of going off due to oxidization. For that reason, we recommend that you always keep your coffee – whatever the kind – stored in a cool, dry place.

Many people use cupboards, but we recommend keeping them stored in small containers that sit out on shelves in the kitchen. Cupboards are hospitable to things like mold and damp, which we want to avoid being near our coffee in the first place, regardless. 

How, then, should you go about storing your coffee otherwise? What else do you need to know about etiquette?

Follow the below rulings, and your coffee should stay super-enjoyable and wonderfully fresh! 

How long can you keep raw coffee beans

Should you decide to use raw coffee beans instead of stuff like ground, roasted or instant coffee, you are in luck. While normal coffee lasts for about six weeks and tends to start losing strength and consistency after that point, you will find that raw coffee beans are a much more resilient blend of coffee.

Indeed, these tend to last for many years, so long as you keep them in a cupboard, stored away without any light getting to them, and you make sure they are in a cupboard free from mold and the like. If you do this, then you can enjoy raw coffee beans that will last for many years to come. Many people find that coffee beans in their raw form are the easiest ones to store; just avoid storing them in the fridge. Many people do this, but it’s not a recommended storage solution. 

How long are coffee beans fresh

It really does depend on a wide range of factors. For example, beans that go into a fresh container and are kept in there should be at their freshest for around two weeks. However, please be aware that if you keep them in a valve solution, like a degassed valve, tend to maintain peak freshness for as long as six months!

Coffee beans are very fresh on purchase, but will gradually start to lose their form. While other forms of coffee can be losing flavor from the minute you open the box up, you will find that the majority of these coffee types begin to lose their freshness after a short period of time. With coffee beans, the freshness can last a few weeks to half a year depending on storage. 

How long can you keep coffee beans

This is a more subjective question, and does not really come with a “right” answer per se. What you will usually find is that it tells you on the beans that you actually choose to use in the first place. Many people find that they can keep coffee beans for the best part of six months. Again, it all comes down to things like storage, bean quality, where they are being stored and all manner of other factors.

Just know that you should always check the storage and date of usage for your own coffee that you buy. If it does not tell you, then you should perhaps look to use a different brand moving on in the future. 

Is it okay to freeze coffee

Yes, you can freeze coffee. However, be aware that you need to freeze them in a 100% airtight container. You cannot freeze your coffee in anything that is not airtight, as it just will not produce the results that you wanted, needed or expected. So, if you do choose to use your coffee storage method of freezing it to save space, take a weeks’ worth of supply out at a time.

Why? Because if you take more than this out of the bag then the bag can sit out in normal room temperature for too long. This allows for condensation to form, which is very bad. We want to avoid this as best we can, so make sure that if you freeze coffee you aren’t taking it out every day to take some out. 

Can coffee beans expire

Like anything else, coffee beans can expire. Unlike many other objects, though you are not likely to get much of a negative kickback from expiry. You can see that your coffee is going to be expiring soon, and you paid a lot of money for that bag. Do you need to throw it out? Not just yet.

Good coffee that is ground can last for a few months beyond the expiration date. Beans, though, can last for a whopping nine months past the expiration date. So if you were to ready to throw that bag into the bin because it’s a few days over the date, fear not: good quality coffee beans can last a lot longer than some people give them the credit they deserve for. 

Can a cup of coffee go bad

Just as the beans have the chance to go bad, so does the cup of coffee itself. A cup of coffee can go bad very easily; simply leave it out for too long. We recommend that you should probably avoid drinking any cup of coffee which has gone cold. It’ll not really do too much to you in terms of health issues, but you will find that it can very easily leave you with an upset stomach.

If you want to avoid drinking a ‘bad’ cup of coffee, then you should make sure that you always make a new one if you want one. If you have a habit of letting your coffee go cold, get a ceramic coffee mug and keep it stored in something like that, instead. 

Can coffee have mold

Like just about anything else in this world, coffee can go moldy. If left in the wrong conditions, then you can find that your coffee will go moldy relatively quickly. You should always make sure that your coffee is secured in a safe, dry, airtight venue and that you don’t allow yourself to drink coffee that has any kind of awkward, odd look to it.

So, generally, we recommend that you try and stick to the above storage ideas, aims and ambitions. Done right, it should make it a bit easier for you to look after yourself and avoid taking in this odd, toxic blend of nonsense into the system. Carry out the ideas and suggestions we have, and you can store your coffee for the best taste and the last chance of falling ill — simple! 

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