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For many people, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning is an essential part of their routine and ritual. Getting up in the morning can be tough work, but knowing you have that lovely coffee taste waiting for you is something that can make getting out of bed that little bit easier than it is at this moment in time. If you are someone who is looking to start enjoying some extra quality of coffee, then the first thing that you should so is accept that knowledge is well and truly power in this circumstance.

What do we mean by this? You are much more likely to enjoy a cup of coffee is you know what it’s made of. For example, take coffee beans; the source of all forms of coffee. Many people drink cup after cup of coffee without knowing much about that primary ingredient.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what coffee beans actually mean. The more you can understand about coffee beans, the more you can enjoy using them and taking them in your life. From whether or not you can eat coffee beans to looking closer at the power behind why coffee is such a commonly used drink, we’ll try and answer all of your typical questions about the coffee bean. 

Are Coffee Beans Good For You

So, the first and most important question that we need to consider is “are coffee beans good for you?” – before we go any further, let’s look at that. After all, if coffee beans aren’t good for us, then we’ll be spending the article looking at how to avoid them altogether!

Luckily, you will likely know by now that coffee beans are, by and large, good for us. As the seeds of the coffee fruit, they are stripped from the fruit itself and the seed inside is allowed to grow coffee beans. Then, the coffee beans are roasted to the scale that you like, so that you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

The beans themselves, though, are very good for us. The only problem is that coffee beans, when not taken in filtration via water, can be quite bad for us if we let them to be. For example, if you tried to eat the same amount of coffee beans as you drink you could face all manner of problems as time goes on. Coffee beans are VERY powerful when they aren’t filtered with water, milk and the like.

As such, they pack a raw punch and this can be enough to floor you if you take too much of the stuff. We’ll look closer at what this all means in a moment. For now, though, you can satisfy yourself with the answer that yes, coffee beans are good for you – but only when taken in the right quantity! 

Are Coffee Beans Edible

As mentioned above, yes you can. You can easily eat a coffee bean if you so choose. However, before you do, you should know the following:

Eating a coffee bean means eating a pre-roasted coffee bean. We do not recommend eating a non-roasted coffee bean. Not only is the taste pretty obnoxious, it’s not a good idea for your system to be taking in that kind of substance.

It’s important to appreciate that moderation is not just a recommendation; it’s a fact. This is like if you were to eat anything that is usually moderated by being taken in liquid. The strength and impact it has on the body is much higher if you eat coffee beans.

When you drink a cup of coffee, much of the effects are held back. Why? Because coffee is a very strong drink. This is like smoking a cigarette without a filter; the impact it can have on you – in every was – is amplified to a whole new level. You need to be prepared to deal with that: the sheer power as well as the pros and cons of having a cup of coffee will be exaggerated when eating a coffee bean instead of drinking a cup. 

What Happens If You Eat A Coffee Bean

The first thing we need to say is that eating coffee beans is perfectly natural. People spend a lot of time doing this; before we learned how to brew coffee, this is how we would get the effects of the coffee bean. You simply would eat it!

What is interesting, though, is that our bodies take in a whole lot more than they do normally. A coffee bean has many other chemicals and factors inside that simply does not make it through into the cup that you are drinking from thanks to the filter.

This means that you are taking in a much larger amount of caffeine, extra ingredients usually missed out on within the cup itself and also you manage to get more rapid absorption. Our coffee will be absorbed into the body so much faster if you happen to use a coffee bean, in essence.

The body will absorb many more details than it would if you were to drink that same coffee bean. Again, we must preach the importance of being very safe: the negative effects of caffeine will be amplified as much as the benefits that you enjoy from a cup of coffee. 

Benefits Of Eating Coffee Beans

  • One of the first and most obvious benefits is that coffee is known to help combat problems with heart disease. Since coffee keeps the heart going and pumping faster, it can help to avoid everything from heart disease to irregular rhythm. You can also reduce your chances of a stroke.
  • You also can help to reduce the risk of having Type-2 Diabetes. This helps to minimize risk on the basis that it can reduce your chances of contracting this illness. While you do need to eat a decent amount of beans for this, you can enjoy increased intake of CGA and other coffee brands moving forward.
  • Coffee literally helps us to live longer, according to expert studies. He likes of the National Cancer Institute have in the past found that coffee consumption slows down our chances of a premature death. Eating coffee beans provides our bodies with an uplift that can fight back against many causes of premature death.
  • Another positive of eating coffee beans is that it can have a major impact on Parkinson’ Disease ability to form. With the risk reduced by as much as 25% according to expert studies, you can limit the onset of such a condition by stopping the nerve cells that produce dopamine from dying off over time. 

Advantages Of Coffee Beans

  • One of the main advantages of coffee beans being edible is that you can get the wonderful antioxidants that they provide our bodies with so much faster. Since everything is absorbed faster, our bodies can get that health kick so much faster than you would by simply drinking a cup.
  • Not only that, but they come to you in larger quantities as well. Coffee beans often carry more chlorogenic acids, for example, which are very good for our bodies in combatting weight loss and to help reduce blood pressure problems. Keeping that in mind, the advantages to beans are twofold.
  • There’s less calories in the beans, too. Nine times out of ten, when you drink coffee beans you are drinking it with milk and sometimes extras like sugar, syrup etc. – with this, you avoid that. If you use them, then you can enjoy a much smoother experience.
  • Also, coffee beans can be used if you wish to have a product that you can easily grind down and use on your skin. Coffee-based skincare products are commonplace for making your skin smoother, making it a great solution for using in both your body and skincare as much as a little snack!

Best Coffee Beans Brand

Of course, there’s no real answer to this. The best coffee beans brand for you is the brand that the person next door spits on the floor when mentioned. Some people find that other forms of coffee beans are hard to enjoy, while others find the blend is perfect for them.

As ever, the answer is that it’s down to you. What kind of taste do you like? Do you like that bitter, dark taste of coffee? Do you perhaps prefer something a touch fruitier and lighter on the palate? We all have our own personal choices, making definition tough.

You should be willing to experiment; that’s the best advice that we can give you. Limiting yourself or your needs when it comes to enjoying coffee beans based on branding alone is silly. Take as much as time you as need to start looking into various brands out there. Investigation and experimentation can turn up the perfect coffee beans for your own palate!

Just know that if you spend the time looking around that you can get a far more impressive form of coffee at the end. It takes time to find the definitive answer, but the answer does exist. 

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