How to Make Mocha with A Coffee Machine

For years, people have used the fantastic versatility of coffee to make some very exciting drinks indeed. It’s naturally much easier to put a drink together when you have such a fine blend of ingredients, of course. As any coffee lover will know, you can mix in just about anything. Cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg…anything that you think might taste nice in a coffee is worth trying. One of the most commonly enjoyed features for coffee lovers, though, is the wonderful taste of mocha. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make mocha with a coffee machine, then I’ll show you how in this article. 

First, though, let’s take a closer look at the idea of the mocha itself. It’s a drink that, obviously, has a very rich and chocolatey taste. Still carrying that coffee background taste, though, mochas are a fine alternative if you fancy something a little different. A hot chocolate can perhaps be a bit too much for some people, with a mocha being a fine counterweight instead. They are deeply enjoyable coffee drinks, and can easily be one that you turn to time and time again for something a little different.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make the best mocha, then, we’ll try help you put it together. With so many ways to make a mocha, though, it can be tough to work out what the best course of action would be. Should you make it as normal? Or should you use a coffee machine instead?

We recommend that you look to always make mocha with a coffee machine. This is a much more enjoyable way to get that bang-on taste. So, if you fancy a mocha but want to make it with your coffee machine, let’s take a look at the process.

What Is a Mocha?

For most people, the mocha is a form of coffee drink – usually in a latte form – that uses chocolate in the drink to help add an extra touch of spruce and flavour. Not only is a mocha hugely enjoyable, it offers a very rich and satisfying taste. If you want to have a coffee with a bit more charm to it, a mocha can make a wonderful starting choice. 

Usually made using a sweet cocoa powder, this helps to make a very impressive and chocolatey drink that you can gulp down with ease. Mocha makes a good choice for anyone who is looking to help ease someone into coffee, too. They might find the drink too bitter at first, but if you learn how to make mocha with a coffee machine you can make a fine coffee they will much more likely to enjoy.

So, a mocha can also be made from a chocolate syrup variant, though this is rare. Often, a mocha will be made with dark or milk chocolate; some people might feel like being a renegade and using white but that’s entirely your choice! 

Even then, does that not almost defeat the purpose of a mocha itself?

For those who enjoy the sweetness of a hot chocolate but want a kick, a mocha can easily also come from just being a hot chocolate plus an espresso. The beauty of the mocha is that it’s a very variable term, so it’s easy to have your own style of mocha. If you do fancy making one with a coffee machine, though, some stylistic formulas will be more likely to produce a better cup of mocha.

A mocha made with both white and dark chocolate syrups is often known as a ‘zebra mocha’ if you are interested in being really experimental. This makes it very easy indeed to make a top quality mocha at home and enjoy something a little different than what you might be used to. So, now that we know a bit about the mocha, let’s move on.

The Best Way to Make a Mocha

This, of course, is quite a subjective topic in many aspects. Personally, we believe in making a mocha with a coffee making. To know how to make mocha with a coffee machine, we recommend that you follow the next steps below. However, first, let’s look at just some of the variants that you can often find on the mocha term:

  • A standard mocha is often just a café latte or cappuccino with a chocolate powder or syrup added in. Following such a standard model allows this to essentially be a sweeter, more enjoyable latte or cappuccino. Again, this makes it a good ‘gateway coffee’ if you will.
  • Another option is to make it as a hot chocolate with an espresso, as we mentioned earlier. This gives you a fine blend of the uber-sweetness of a hot chocolate, but with the richness of the coffee as well. It’s certainly often the kind of blend that can get people into coffee, too.
  • Combined with a fine collection of other add-ons, such as marshmallows or even whipped cream. Some people choose to go with a fine little dusting on the top of some cocoa powder, or some cinnamon to help add a nice contrast to the rest of the drink. 
  • A fine choice is to make a steamed milk base alongside the coffee, followed by the chocolate itself. Whatever you prefer, you will find that this helps you to enjoy a very best of both worlds approach to your enjoyment of a mocha. 

As you can see, a spree of various answers awaits. While we would never dare give you the ‘perfect’ way on how to make mocha with a coffee machine, we believe that this way works best. You have so many options that it’s entirely down to you, of course, but this is a style we recommend. 

Mocha Making Instructions

As we mentioned in the above section, the ideal way to make mocha with a coffee machine is to make it the same way that you would with a latte or a cappuccino. What do you prefer? Do you prefer the milky qualities of a latte? Or the more refined, coffee-specific flavour of a cappuccino?

Now, start off with your cup and before anything else insert the cocoa that you want to go with. We recommend something that has some sweetness, but not the same sweetness as, say, a hot chocolate blend. Keep it mild enough to be there, but not overpowering the coffee itself.

You need to make sure it mixes well with the coffee. Given most coffee – especially if you make it with espresso – is going to be pretty bitter (in a nice way) you can find it clashes with a super-sweet chocolate blend. 

Add a small dollop of hot water into the cocoa, and give it a nice little stir. If you do this, it will help to make the cocoa less powdery in the backdrop of the drink. In fact, this almost makes it go a little bit like a syrup which should offer a more enjoyable, lasting blend in with the background taste of the espresso.

Now, fire up the espresso in your coffee machine and start to pour it out. Pour in your measure into the cup with the cocoa, and then give it another stir. This should help to mix the two aromas together and give you a very tempting smelling drink. We aren’t done yet, though.

You’ll now need to get the milk ready within the machine and be ready to pour it as you would with a latte or a cappuccino. It is literally the exact same; the only difference is that this time you are using the blend with the cocoa in it instead. get all of this in together and mixed in as one, and you can get a really nice tasting mocha drink at the end of it waiting for you.

Once you mix it all together with the milk, you should be left with a very satisfying and tasty looking blend of coffee at the end. It should have a rich coffee taste as the main flavour, but the milk and the cocoa should mix well together to add such a lovely, pleasant taste to the end of each drink.

Sounds good, right?

You should definitely look to try it out as soon as possible. This kind of mocha not only tastes great, but it makes it very much like one you would buy in a store. So, all that you need to do to make your normal coffee that little bit better every day is to throw in some of that cocoa powder.

When mixed with the hot water, this neat little trick stops the powder from being too dry, and allows it to mix very well into the cup itself. The next time you go to use your coffee machine, then, remember how to make mocha with a coffee machine and enjoy that epic taste!

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