Where are coffee beans grown in the world

As one of the truly globally shared items in the world, coffee is almost universal. In every walk of life and every way of doing things, coffee can be found. People love coffee for not just the taste and the energy kick, but the social factor. Having a cup of coffee with our friends, family, colleagues and even competitors can be a truly enjoyable process. However, where does all of that coffee come from?

With over 50 nations growing coffee, though, there is a rich abundance of locations and sources. South America and North America is a very popular place for coffee to be grown, as is Africa. The sheer variety in coffee, though, means that even the same plantation can provide a totally contrasting level of taste and quality in their produce without changing a thing.

Other nations which are notable for growing coffee outside of Africa and the Americas include nations like Yemen, where coffee was first sold for commercial cultivation, Indonesia, Vietnam, Liberia, Thailand and India. With so much coffee grown around the world, it is little wonder that so many people in the world love to savor new styles and flavors from various locations!

Where is coffee grown in the United States?

In the United States specifically, coffee finds a very particular location to be grown. For example, only Hawaii and California are the only two nations permitted to grow coffee for commercial purpose. While other US territories such as Puerto Rico also grow coffee, it is not technically part of the USA.

For that reason, you will find that all US-grown coffee comes from either Hawaii or California. If you want to try out American coffee grown elsewhere, then you would need to find a residential grower from another state to do so. In terms of commercial growth and sales, the USA only has two states which take part. 

Which country is the largest producer of coffee

Brazil is the major kings of the coffee trade, creating some of the most significant inroads in the industry. They are a major producer of the product, and thus have become one of the most commonly listed places of origin on labels.

With over a century and a half of coffee dominance, Brazil has managed to form coffee as a key part of its trading strength across the glove. With over 2.5m metric tons of coffee beans moved per annum, on average, Brazil has been one of the strongest economies on the planet in parts thanks to the work they do in the coffee trade.

If you are ever wondering why so many numbers of coffees come from Brazil, you now know why. They are a passionate nation that love coffee, and it shows in their superiority despite being one of only 50+ nations to cultivate the bean. 

Where does coffee come from originally

While Brazil are the kings of coffee, it would not be a possibility without Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a nation that deeply loves its coffee, and was also the nation that brought it to the attention of the wider world. While the undomesticated origin of coffee may never be known, we know that the first evidence found so far points back to the Ethiopians. 

However, in terms of actually being used as a form of drinking beverage was in the 15th century, in previously mentioned Yemen. This was regularly part of the Sufi monasteries of the time, and thus is a major part of the Yemeni mark on the world among many other positives. 

For the very origins of coffee to be left so unknown, though, is part of what makes this drink so beloved by so many. For its general origin, though, we have Ethiopia to thank. 

What is the best coffee in the world

There is no true answer to this question, of course. It does entirely depend on your own determination of what makes a coffee good. The most expensive coffees in the world, though, are sold at as much as $500 for a single pound. This was Kopi Luwak, a rich Vietnamese coffee that, despite not being from the major nations like Brazil, is treated like a touch of royalty within the industry.

However, the real quality of a coffee is down to personal taste. People can make suggestions, but it really comes down to what you enjoy most. You should therefore take the time needed to look around and make sure that you can fully appreciate and understand what makes your own coffee preferences possible.

We all have our own choices, so make sure that you choose the best coffee in the world for you, nobody else. 

What country has the best coffee in the world

While this would be too hard to say as given what we said above, we can say with confidence that, based on recent data, Finland is the capital for consistent coffee consumption. Using a whopping 12kg per person in a single year, it would appear that the Finnish people are the people who love to drink coffee the most.

And it’s not just them – nearby nations such as Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden are all part of the top consumption locations for coffee. Perhaps the long winters and the challenging climes they face, mixed with developed and socially strong cultures, plays a role in this Scandinavian phenomenon. Each of these nations falls within the 8kg range to the 10kg range, with Sweden and Norway being 8.2g kg and 9.9kg, respectively.

Meanwhile, Italy – seen by many as the home of coffee in Europe – consumes 5.8kg on average. this is far less than Switzerland (7.9kg) and Belgium (6.8kg). Surprisingly, the UK is quite far down on the list – 45th, to be exact.

Therefore, it’s interesting that some of the most nations who most commonly enjoy coffee are those who suffer from tougher weather! 

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