How many shots of espresso is in a latte

The number of espresso shots in a latte can vary depending on the size and variety of latte you order. Generally, a small 8-ounce latte requires one shot of espresso, while larger sizes may require two shots. The number of shots will also depend on the strength or type of coffee bean used by the barista. A single or double shot forms 1/3 of your cup’s contents; the remaining 2/3 is filled with delicately textured frothed milk.

Caffeine Content in a Latte

You will find that it has around 75-115mg of caffeine due to a single shot of espresso. The caffeine count can range from 150-165mg for a double shot. Espresso shots have more caffeine than regular drip coffee, so if you count your daily caffeine intake, be mindful of how many shots are in your latte.

It’s important to consider that different brewing methods can also result in variations in caffeine content. The blend of coffee beans, how fine the grind is, and the time it takes for extraction all matter when calculating caffeine levels. Therefore, a latte from one cafe may have more or less caffeine than another.

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Sugar content in a Latte

Most lattes are flavoured and sweetened with syrups or sugars. However, the amount of sugar varies depending on the ingredients used by each cafe and individual preference. Generally, you can expect to get around 15-25g of sugar per single shot latte. This can quickly add up, so opting for a lower-sugar alternative may be wise if you’re watching your sugar intake.

In addition, some cafes offer options such as coconut milk and almond milk that are naturally sweeter than dairy alternatives. Consider these options when ordering to reduce the amount of added sugar in your latte.

Most lattes are sweetened with syrups or sugars. If you’re considering alternatives, see ways to sweeten coffee without sugar.

Size Matters: Small vs Large Latte

The size of your latte can greatly impact the number of espresso shots used. For example, a small 8-ounce latte usually requires a single shot of espresso, while larger sizes, such as 16-ounce lattes, will require two shots. This is due to the fact that more coffee is needed in order to maintain the same strength and flavour in a larger cup.

Other Variations of the Classic Latte Drink

Lattes are not restricted to the classic combination of espresso and steamed milk. Other variations include cappuccino, macchiato, flat white, cafe latte, and mocha latte. Each has its unique blend of ingredients; for example, a cappuccino contains two shots of espresso, steamed milk and foam, while a macchiato includes one shot of espresso with just a dollop of foamed milk.

Types of Coffee Used to Make a Latte

The type of coffee bean used can also affect the flavour and caffeine content. For example, a stronger espresso blend will require fewer shots to achieve the same strength as a lighter roast. Different cafes may use different types of beans, so be sure to ask before ordering your latte. The type of coffee used is also a great way to customize your latte and make it uniquely yours.


Lattes are a great way to enjoy coffee in all its forms. With so many different types of coffees and ingredients available, there is no limit to what you can create. Whether it’s a classic cappuccino or something unique like an iced mocha latte, you will find something that suits your taste. 

Lattes offer a versatile way to relish coffee. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or just starting, this beginner’s coffee guide can be a helpful resource.

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