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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it has become a part of our daily lives. There are many different types of coffee beans are used to brew coffee.

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant. They are roasted and ground to produce a coffee drink. There are many different types of coffee beans, and each one has its own unique flavour. But how do you know which type is the highest quality and best for you?

What is the Highest Quality Coffee Bean?

In general, the best quality coffee beans are those that are grown in high altitudes with rich soil. They are usually grown in Central America or Africa. The higher the altitude, the better the quality. This means that in most cases, you should be looking for 100 per cent Arabica beans.

However, it is not easy to determine which coffee beans are the best, as it all depends on a person’s taste. Different coffee beans have different qualities and everyone picks a coffee type that is suited to them and their taste. 

What makes coffee beans high quality?

There are a few factors that make a high-quality coffee bean, such as the type of beans (Arabica, Robusta, etc), the roasting process, and how you brew the coffee. 

When it comes to the type of coffee beans, ones are grown at higher altitudes usually have the best quality, since they are not exposed to excess heat. Letting the plant grow at a slower pace allows it to create denser structures and smoother flavours.

Coffee beans that grow in such ideal conditions are more capable of withstanding the process of making coffee. This is why it is recommended to get your coffee beans from providers with the most information provided on the origins of the bean.

The roasting process has a huge impact on the end result of the bean. The process changes drastically depending on the density of the beans, their moisture level, and on the time of the year. To this day, roasting beans is yet to be fully perfected, and therefore, you need to take the roasting process of your beans into consideration when choosing the best type to buy.

How to Choose the Right Coffee Bean for You?

As we mentioned before, our taste in coffee is a very individual matter. One’s taste can be affected by a number of factors, such as genetics, taste receptors, and your usual diet. It is recommended not to listen to any “coffee experts” as what they claim to be the best coffee type is only best for them.

Here are a few tips to find the right coffee beans for you:

  • Always pick the freshest coffee:

The freshness of the coffee beans is arguably the most impacting on the bean’s quality. So, instead of looking at the expiration date of your beans (Coffee technically doesn’t expire), you should be looking for the roasting day. Not finding the roasting day mentioned is a major red flag.

  • Arabica/Robusta:

Besides other rarer coffee bean types, Arabica and Robusta and the two main types found almost everywhere. These two types are complete opposites when it comes to taste, body, and aroma.

Arabica beans have a fruity, smooth, and acidic taste. While Robusta beans have a full-bodied, more bitter, and nutty taste. It should also be mentioned that Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica.

  • Ground coffee/Whole beans:

Coffee starts to lose its aroma and flavour from the moment it’s grounded, which is why some coffee lovers tend to buy whole beans and grind them as they use them.

When you ground your beans, they become susceptible to the elements, especially if they are not stored properly. This leads to a flavourless, tasteless, stale coffee.

  • Single-origin beans/Blends:

Single-origin beans come from a single harvest, from a single area, and are only available at a certain time of the year. Coffee blends are mixed from various types of beans and from different areas in the world. They are meticulously mixed together to produce a specific taste and body.

Single-origin coffee beans are ideal if you are interested in trying unique characteristics and exotic coffee flavours from around the world. While coffee blends are a more consistent option, as it guarantees the same flavour and body.

  • The right roast for you:

The roast level of your coffee beans plays a significant role in determining the flavour of your coffee. The most common roast nowadays is a medium roast. It is the most suitable for espresso.

However, other roast levels can produce different-tasting coffee. Light roasts are chosen when going for a less bitter and more fruity coffee, while dark roasts are for a robust coffee, and for coffee that is intended to be mixed with milk.

  • Choose depending on the coffee maker you use:

The way you brew your coffee can be a major determining factor of which type to choose, 

Some bean types are compatible with most coffee brewing methods, but others may only work with specific methods. Therefore, to get the best results, you need to find the coffee beans that best match the brewing method you use.

The brewing method can change the taste and texture of your coffee entirely. For example, a french press will produce a full-bodied and robust coffee, while a drip machine will make a more aromatic brew thanks to its slow brewing process.


In the end, the highest quality coffee beans are the ones that suit your own preferences. As different types of coffee beans have different qualities. So, it’s important to know what type of coffee beans you like and which one suits your needs. And the best-tasting coffee for you is one that you discover for yourself.

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