Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee

While we are major advocates of any kind of different coffee drink, we know that the benefits of drinking black coffee are supreme. It’s the best way to enjoy your coffee if you are looking for the pure health benefits, and allows a hugely enjoyable drink to be devoured with gusto. So, if you have had your eye on a cup of coffee all day but want it to really give you that major boost first and foremost, you should definitely try black coffee.

In this article, we’ll break down as best we can the major benefits of drinking black coffee. Of course, we want to reiterate that this should not dissuade you from enjoying other forms of coffee, too. Since just about any coffee has black coffee in the base anyway, you still get a lot of the benefits. Much of it, though, can be somewhat nullified depending on the volume of extras one adds into their coffee.

So, let’s take a look at some of the major health benefits of drinking black coffee. It might make you mix-up your habits more, too!

The Key Benefits of Coffee

So, as we know, black coffee is the best way to enjoy a cup in the morning. However, one of the main reasons why you should have at least two cups of black coffee every day – without any sugar added – is simple. For one, the use of black coffee is very good indeed for our hearts. Our hearts get a huge kick out of the antioxidants in a good cup of black coffee. This helps to keep the heart nice and healthy, and is great for helping to maintain a good level of heartbeat.

One of the main reasons, too, is that coffee helps to keep heart scares away. Those same antioxidants work wonders for helping to get the coffee doing its job within your system, offering a very easy way to help your heart stay clear of cardiovascular illness. Also, for those who suffer from diabetes, black coffee can be good without spiking sugar and insulin, ensuring you can still enjoy coffee.

In fact, an amazing fact about coffee that it contains a whole lot of what our bodies need to run at maximum every day. With 60% of the nutrients we need alongside 20% of the vitamins, coffee helps to deliver to our systems other than a jolt of energy. 

Add in the use of that caffeine that we all crave, too, and you can see why coffee is seen as such a positive. Taken in moderation and without excess, caffeine is a healthy solution for our bodies – so long as you don’t overdo it and drink your black coffee in moderation. 

Why Black Coffee?

Do you ever find yourself trying to chase a memory or a thought that seems a million miles away?

Well, coffee can help to overcome this kind of problem without too much issue. It’s great for boosting our memory, as it keeps the brain nice and active. An active brain is a less forgetful one, too, so it’s easy to see how a cup of black coffee keeping us mentally stimulated could be a bonus.

Nerves stay busy and active, too, which some studies suggest can help to prevent or reduce the chances of conditions such as dementia. While there are no guarantees in life, the make-up of black coffee makes it great for keeping a sharp, fit and healthy mind. 

Going back to caffeine for a moment, too, it’s important to note that caffeine has very powerful stimulant within it. This not only keeps the brain sharp and on-point, but it helps to boost our mood, our general attitude to the day, our energy levels as well as our mental sharpness. Therefore, you are likely to feel more alert and ‘at it’ more than you would on a normal day.

If you wonder why that big cup of sugar loaded coffee has you feeling rough first thing in the morning, go for a black coffee instead. Other forms of coffee are based enjoyed later as a treat during the day; not so much in the mornings. If you function OK in the morning then keep enjoying it, but if you need to break the morning habit you could do worse than try out a morning black coffee instead. it can help to boost mental agility, physical response and generally leave you feeling more energized and optimistic than usual.

As ever, just watch what you are doing; you can’t run on caffeine forever so remember to be balanced with intake! 

Black Coffee and Health

Alongside from the benefit we spoke about above, the benefits of drinking black coffee go even further. For example, did you know that it can give you much improved health in the gut? Since it makes you want to go to the loo more often due to it being a powerful diuretic, you cleanse the body more often.

That’s a good thing. You remove a lot of the bacteria and toxins building up in the system by urinating, and this can be a good thing for cleansing the stomach and generally just making us feel better. It also helps to make you go more to therefore reduce bloating and make you feel a bit better in that aspect, too!

If you are serious about losing weight, then one of the best benefits of drinking black coffee is for you. It’s a fantastic ally for losing weight; without sugar, of course. It helps to aid in impressive weight loss by giving you a large metabolic boost – sometimes as much as 50% – which can help you really make those workouts more likely to give you a finish that you are happy with when in the gym.

Since black coffee can help to burn fat, too, it’s a powerful ally for anyone who is looking to cut down on their weight. While it does mean making sure you combine your weight loss goals with smart little changes in diet and generally improving physical activity, it’s another extra. Every little helps as you chase perfection, so use the high quality capacity of coffee to help you get into good shape in the shortest time possible!

Black Coffee, then, is a fine choice for anyone who is really looking to take their health more seriously this year. 

Black Coffee and Life

Life is all about seeing things, getting around and genuinely having a worthwhile experience while you are here. So, one of the benefits of drinking black coffee is that it can make doing so a whole lot easier. Since most coffees have vitamins B2, B3 and B5 alongside other key extras like manganese and potassium, you can feel fantastic by drinking a cup.

You will be getting more of the key ingredients needed to sustain a high quality of life. This is very important for your long-term happiness, as you will generally feel better the more of the above you get. So, one of the major benefits of drinking black coffee is that it can literally help you feel more active and alive!

Coffee also makes it easier for us to age in a much more graceful, charming manner. The hope is always to age like a bottle of fine wine, but black coffee is a useful solution to help you age with class. It helps both mind and body to stay fit, fresh and fully ready to take on the days’ challenges. Two cups of black coffee without sugar per day will go some way to doing all you can to prevent conditions like Parkinson’s Disease.

Best of all? Black coffee makes you happy!

It helps to increase dopamine in the body, producing a happier and more active individual. This is essential to helping to change your mood and improve your attitude in a more general manner. So, do yourself a favour and give yourself a helping hand in fighting back against all manner of life’ troubles!

While we love a café latte as much as anyone, making your first and last coffee of the day a black one has a major benefit in the many years to come! 

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coffee blogger

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